Seaweed is a unique vitamin-saturated nutritive, comprising larger quantities of vital microelements for human body than any land-grown plant.

The rich composition of brown alga makes it champion among seaweeds, and our research focuses on this particular species. The medical significance of brown alga is enormous. It is used in the production of dissoluble surgical suture, blood substitutes, medicine that prevents blood-clogging, and also medications that assist the removal of radioactive elements from the organism.

The existing modes of practical application of seaweeds are far from being exhausted, and scientists continue research. Followers of healthy lifestyle should include into their diet products made from seaweeds, because after processing these plants retain nearly all of their biologically active substances.

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Unique algae-based raw materials for the production of our therapeutic and dietary products are procured in the White sea

Established technology of processing seaweeds, patented exclusively in Russia

All our products successfully passed multiple clinical tests

Confirmed results after administration of our products: recession of blood sugar, diminishing inflammation in the GIT, and many other

What are our advantages?

Our solutions


Treats diabetes mellitus type 2 (noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus): normalizes the level of blood-sugar, strengthens immune system, and reduces the risk of complications.


Prevents cardiovascular diseases, and helps people who already suffer from these serious diseases.


Recommended as part of a complex treatment of GIT diseases: gastritis, stercolar ulcer, colitis, pancreatic diseases. Restores intestinal microflora affected by dysbacteriosis.


Gently and efficiently cleans the organism from toxins that poison us from inside and outside. Harmless purification of GIT, regulation of intestinal function.

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