About the company

«FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES» – is a company of a new type, and our development is intrinsically linked with thought-through, encompassing approach to the fundamentals of contemporary business world, striving to restore its original humanistic values.


The objective of “FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES” lies in the use of natural riches to fight the most dangerous illnesses that often become the reason of disability and premature death for countless numbers of people: diabetes, diseases of cardio-vascular system and GIT.

We do not narrow our perception of the surrounding world with rigid constrains. It helps us think, work, and develop in different directions, attain and implement truly boundless opportunities for success, gain leadership in the field of production of medical and dietary products.

The two cornerstones of our activity – uniqueness and innovation.


The majority of scientists concluded that life originated in the ocean where it had all the required “construction materials”. Although in our days oceans and seas are heavily polluted by human activities, there still remain ecologically clean spots on the Earth, including the White sea shelf. It’s from there that we procure raw materials for our products.

Our specialists create products that are neither medicine, nor DS (dietary supplements) – the products they create are intended for therapeutic and dietary nutrition. They specifically chose seaweeds as the basic raw material, since these underwater plants are the fundamentals of life for all the sea-dwellers, and contain enormous amounts of healthy components. Seaweeds constitute a quarter of the living matter on the planet. They pioneered photosynthesis, and create organic agents for the rest of hydrobionts. Accessibility of the raw materials is also very important: underwater forests yield stable and rich harvests.


Whereas biologists discovered, researched, and described the most part of existing on-shore plants, specialists estimate that less than 30% of underwater flora and fauna have been discovered and described. For example, the depths beyond 3 km, that were considered practically uninhabitable, turned out to be teaming with animals and plants. That is why underwater “fields” hold a wealth of new discoveries in store for specialists. This is a vast area for innovation and scientific inquiry.

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