New life with diabetes!

This natural product is unparalleled – Diabetal is used in therapeutic and dietary nutrition and is made of Fucus Vesiculosus algae that grow in the ecologically clean area of the White sea.

Used to treat diabetes mellitus type 2 (noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus): normalizes the level of blood-sugar, boosts immune system, and reduces the risk of complications.

The worst aspect of diabetes - complications:

Effect of Diabetal

Normalizes carbohydrate metabolism and stabilizes the level of blood glucose, reducing the need for insulinic pharmaceutical products (PP).

Enhances the effect of insulin from the administered PP, reducing the required dosage.

In stomach and intestines, restores myxocetes affected by strong PP, curbs chronic inflammation by programming the mutated myxocetes for self-destruction, while launching new healthy myxocetes.

Triggers the renovation of mucous membrane in the stomach and intestines, normalizes intestinal microflora.

Ties up large quantities of water contained in the intestines, transforms water into gel which significantly impedes the splitting and absorption of carbohydrates, thus reducing hyperglycemia after meals, and contributes to the recovery of insulin-sensitivity impaired by obesity.

Advantages of Diabetal

  • Diabetal gently reduces the level of blood sugar, which allows to postpone, or reduce, the ingestion of insulin.
  • Acts as a preventative treatment against dangerous complications of diabetes.
  • Diabetal excellently combines with the list of allowed foods.
  • Helps to supply the organism with the necessary macro- and microelements and vitamins.
  • Ideally combines with pharmaceuticals, purifying the organism from harmful substances and toxins.
  • Due to the jelly (gel) form, the BAS of the product are absorbed much better as compared with dry BAS.
  • A totally natural product, all of its components are in the organic state.

The product benefits the entire organism:

Reduces the risk of dangerous complications of diabetes

Improves eyesight and the condition of eye retina

Normalizes metabolic processes

Contributes to the reduction of bad cholesterol in the blood

Improves the condition of cardio-vascular system

Normalizes blood circulation in peripheral vessels

Assists the purification and normal function of all the areas of the gastrointestinal tract

Efficient for weight control, excessive weight being a serious risk-factor for patients with diabetes

Compatible with pharmaceuticals, neutralizes their side-effects

Enhances the immune system

Boosts libido, combats erectile dysfunction

Helps to create positive emotional background and prevent depressions

Boosts performance

Unique properties

Unique raw materials

Fucus contains 42 elements that are vital for normal performance of human organism: potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, iodine, silica, phosphorus, iron, selenium, barium, vitamins А, В1-В3,В12,С,D3,Е,К,F,H), pantothenic and folic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, fiber, and others.

Unique technology

The production process is free from extraneous chemical compounds and high temperatures.

Monosaccharide L-Fucose

Those who suffer from diabetes experience a deficit of this essential element in their blood. Fucose is the element that normalizes the level of blood sugar.

Research of scientists in Russia and worldwide revealed that L-fucose penetrates every cell in the organism of a person suffering from diabetes, triggering the impaired synthesis of insulin receptors. As a result, receptors restart “capturing” glucose and direct it from blood into cells, the way it happened before the illness. I.e., instead of fighting the after-effects and symptoms, we directly fight the route of disease.

Healthcare professionals have discovered that L-fucose generating gene is absent in 20% of humans at the minimum. For these people, the supply of the organism with L-fucose with the help of Diabetal is vital.

Neither vegetative, nor animal materials contain L-fucose in sufficient quantities for its extraction, the only exceptions being breast milk and brown Fucus alga.

Because breast milk is practically inaccessible for adults, the only accessible source of L-fucose is Fucus which is richly contained in our product Diabetal.

Besides, L-fucose protects intestines from pathogenic microflora and prevents many diseases of the GIT.

Dried Fucus sold in drugstores is an entirely different product. Unlike Diabetal, cells in dried Fucus are not crushed and remain intact. Human organism is not capable of crushing these cells in order to extract the required curative components of Fucus.

The process of Diabetal production is free from the use of extraneous chemical compounds and high temperatures, which allowed us to retain all the elements in the native (natural) condition. All molecules are released for easy absorption into human organism.

Not only did we develop a unique technology of extracting all the useful components, we also do this sparingly, retaining the maximal quantity of the active agent.

Diabetal successfully passed tests in the Clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences and expert evaluation in the Scientific Institute of Nutrition Research with RAS, and was assigned the status of therapeutic and dietary product.
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