harmless purification
of the organism
from waste and toxins!

Natural, unparalleled product for therapeutic and dietary nutrition, gently cleans the organism from toxins that poison us from inside and outside, without side-effects.

The main component of Sividal is Far-Eastern Laminaria alga, extracted from the shelf area of the Shantar isles in the Okhotsk sea, one of the cleanest areas that are left on the planet.

Though the organism of modern human beings seems well-protected from the once-incurable illnesses by strong medicines, it faces new environmental hazards daily.
Scores of harmful elements contained in plain urban dust, dangerous additives in household chemicals, and various thickening agents and preservatives in the food…
Gastrointestinal tract that accumulates all these uninvited “guests” is largely overworked and needs “deep cleaning” and help.

Sividal treats multiple disorders, including:

Effect of Sividal

Optimal combination of fiber and mineral salts in the product eliminates constipation and regulates the malfunction of digestion organs for a long time.

The coating provided by algenic acid helps impede the absorption of water in the intestine, resulting in the normalization of stool habit.

Biologically active substances in Laminaria help support normal microflora in the intestines, subdue the activity of pathogenic bacteria.

Alginates remove from the organism radionuclides and high-density metals, as well as toxins of organic origin, and waste. Alginates can remain in human intestines even after discontinuation of intensive ingestion of the product; their activity continues for 1-2 weeks afterwards.

Due to natural iodine contained in Sividal, it contributes to the reduction of blood viscosity and the reduction of vascular tension, thereby normalizing arterial pressure.

Advantages of Sividal

  • Due to the jelly (gel) form, the BAS of the product can be digested much better than dry BAS;
  • Compatible with any PP, eliminates the side-effects of antibiotics;
  • A totally natural product, all of its components are in the organic state;
  • Helps to supply the organism with the necessary macro- and microelements and vitamins;
  • Purifies the organism from harmful substances and toxins that accumulate in the GIT.
  • Has a minimum of side-effects, contraindications.

Help for those who life in industrial cities

Urban dust is a new serious problem of a modern-day megapolis. In city environment a human being is affected by a whole series of specific harmful compounds:

Combustion materials from mineral fuels: timber, coal, oil, and car exhaust.

All kinds of chemical agents (dry chemicals, liquid cleansers and laundry detergents, shampoos, sprays, etc.), pesticides.

Rubber particles that peel off from car tyres.

Miniscule residue from construction materials and flaked-off paint, cement dust.

Emissions from industrial plants, including exhausts that are rich in high-density metals: lead, cadmium, nickel, beryl.

As we inhale, from 40% to 80% of urban dust remains in our respiratory organs, depending on the degree of dispersity. But the problem is that the rest of dust is swallowed down and reaches the gastrointestinal tract. After they reach the GIT and affect its performance, the constituent particles of dust and the harmful substances affect the blood and other fluids in the organism via the mucous membrane, forming poisonous compounds, which then pervade the entire organism, carried around by the blood current, triggering acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses, such as asthma, allergy, and diabetes mellitus. Not only does the dust aggravate existing illnesses, but it also leads to new ones, including bronchial asthma, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, kidney diseases, and many others.

Another civilizational problem – hazardous xenobiotics, contained in our environment: household chemicals, plastics, construction materials. Their quantities are measured by the hundreds, and they all gradually destroy metabolic processes within the organism, even affecting babies in mothers’ womb, causing grave congenital pathologies. As they accumulate, many xenobiotics lead to the development of oncological diseases. Xenobiotics penetrate human organism by almost the same manner as urban dust.

Sividal efficiently cleans all the areas of GIT from these extraneous compounds.

Unique properties

Unique raw materials

Laminaria contains polysaccharides, including laminarin, fucodian, and sodium alginate, irreplaceable aminoacids, vitamins, microelements: iodine, bromide, potassium, magnesium, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, selenium, fluorine, calcium, phosphorus, as well as vegetable fiber.

Many elements in Luminaria take part in tissue regeneration, the formation of hormones, participating in the maintenance of homeostasis in the organism. Sea kale is practically the only source of iodine which is required for normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Unique technology

The production process is free from extraneous chemical substances and exposure to high temperatures. The resulting product has thick gel form which is perfectly digestible.

Gel form

Alginic acid is the main polysaccharide in Laminaria – due to unique technology of production, this polysacharide is contained in Sividal gel in the form of water-dissoluble sodium alginate, and retains its high molecular structure.

Due to this property, Sividal has a strong sorptive, adhesive (coating), anti-inflammatory effect, which allows using it as an entherosorbent, and as clinical and preventive treatment of GIT.

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