Algal technology

Scientific inquiry

Biotechnological advancements in Russia are based on the research of Fucus, the brown alga from northern seas. We spent 20 years in research, closely studied polysaccharide fucodian contained in Fucus, and discovered its high biological activity – antiseptic, immunomodulatory, blood-thinning and many other properties.

Fucus is a real “treasure trove” of fucodian (from 13% to 20%), containing a far higher quantity of this element that other seaweeds. Fucus contains a vast array of macro- and microelements and iodine in the optimal organic state.

But there is a serious problem – Fucus is hardly edible in its natural state. Special equipment had to be constructed in order to transform seaweeds into gel that can be easily digested. Our innovative technology releases the cells of Fucus without the use of high temperatures, or additional chemical agents, and thus gives access to a whole spectrum of biopolymers, vitamins, macro- and microelements that are vital for the recovery and normal function of human organism.

Our products passed numerous clinical tests, including a test in the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Scientific Institute of Nutrition Research of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Innovational technologies used in the creation of these unique medical and dietary products ensured its high degree of efficiency and digestibility for the organism.

There is reliable proof that after patients from the control group were administered these products, their level of blood sugar decreased, inflammations in GIT reduced, “bad” cholesterol in the blood also reduced, blood pressure normalized, the organism increased resistance to seasonal epidemics.

Unique raw material

Most of our products are made from Fucus alga procured in the White sea. It contains the maximal quantity of healthy elements, because it thrives in rough natural environment: tempered by drastic fluctuations of temperature, tidal shifts, the alga is exposed to a test of endurance. During a brief northern summer the plants need to accumulate all the components that are required for survival, this is why seaweeds are harvested at the end of summer.

Fucus contains over 53 healthy elements in the native (natural) state.

The most important components of Fucus – polysaccharide Fucodian, carotinoid Fucoksantin, algenic acid, iodine, food fibers, microelements and vitamins.

Sulphated heterpolysacharide Fucodian has antiviral effect, regulates the performance of immune system of the organism. Fucodian is recognized for a very important anticoagulant (anticlotting) effect.

Fucoxantin is a powerful antioxidant that protects our organism from the harmful effect of ultraviolet rays, helps to “burn” fat, activating lipid metabolism.
Seaweeds are scythed with special devises, and afterwards dried in the open air. Then they go into procession when its biologically active agents are being extracted.

Algenic acid and its salts remove high-density metals and radionuclides from the organism. They possess regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect.

Organic iodine participates in the synthesis of hormones required to sustain and recover the functions of thyroid gland.

Food fibers remove toxins and waste from the organism, prevent the disorders of fat metabolism, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, GIT diseases.

Fucus contains a plenitude of vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, F, H, РР, pantothenic and folic acid, and many others. For example, Fucus contains 10 times more vitamin A than an equivalent quantity of carrots.

Production technologies

The most recent technology of seaweed processing was developed and patented in Russia.

The raw stock, Fucus alga that is lifted from the seabed, requires special treatment in order to clear the surface of the seaweed from slime that contains microorganisms and extraneous impurities. Rinsing in the distilled water guarantees compliance with the most stringent sanitary norms.
Then the raw stock is being processed in a special rotor homogenizer, subjected to cavitation and hydraulic shock, without extraneous chemical agents, or high temperatures. Due to this process, robust cell-shells are crushed and the content of the alga cells becomes accessible. Consequently, access is gained to all biologically active components of Fucus that are vitally important to prevent various diseases, and sustain stable functioning of human organism.
They are easily digested owing to their transition into the native (identical to live cell) state, this is why our therapeutic and dietary products containing these “live” cells are efficient in a complex treatment against a whole range of grave diseases.

At the final stage the products undergo soft pasteurization and hermetic packaging. This technological process ensures sterility and preservation of the products and is in compliance with stringent standards of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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